Always Type The Code

Always Type The Code

Always Type The Code

Don’t just copy code.

(Not from the Internet, from coworkers, from friends, or even from yourself — from your own code.)

Type it out.

Every time.


If you do not know what the code means, character by character, and you could not arrive to it by yourself without addressing another source, then type it.  Only when you can write it yourself effortlessly are you allowed to copy and paste.



Because this is how you learn.

Otherwise you are getting yourself into Learned Helplessness (video from Veritasium), where you are not learning yourself, but are using the energy from others so that you need not spend any.  The problem is this is a short term solution.  You learn nothing that takes you forward on a better path, where you can be self reliant (video from Lost Relic Games).


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